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Corporate + Workplace Safety

Our approach is a multifaceted, on-going and evolving response plan.

Redefining the way we think about workplace violence and safety.

Apex leverages the experience of its world-class staff to enhance Physical Security, Security Procedures, Threat Assessment/Crisis Intervention Capabilities and provides regular, consistent, high-quality Security, Safety and Response Training. With Apex, your organization has a long-term partner. Apex offers a holistic, 360-degree approach to the problem of workplace violence and safety because that is what the situation requires.


Some companies claiming to specialize in Workplace Violence and Corporate security are merely in the business of selling products. They will visit your worksite and give you a site assessment that will predictably advise you that you need 50 of whatever product they sell, etc. Apex will tell you what you actually need. Apex’s ethos is to help you choose the most effective, efficient, and economically practical physical security and threat mitigations. We know what will work because we have extensively researched workplace violence and shootings to identify the patterns of security exploits used by attackers. Few others have. 

The Shocking Numbers

Workplace violence is now recognized by the FBI as a specific category of violent crime, which calls for a distinct response from employers, law enforcement and community partners. Workplace violence does not only encompass traditional violent crimes, such as physical attacks, but is expanded to include a vast array of unacceptable behaviors, such as threats, bullying, degrading communication, intimidation, and harassment.


In the United States, there are roughly 2 million victims of workplace violence each year.


of employees claim they are unaware or unsure of employers’ emergency preparedness plans.


Workplace assaults result in over 20,000 injuries and over 300 deaths each year.


of workers across the world report not feeling safe at work, and more than half of American workers agree that their company leadership does not take adequate steps to keep them safe at work.


of companies are unprepared for an active shooter.


of human resources professionals are unsure if their organization has a workplace violence prevention program.


Workplace violence causes American businesses to lose approximately $250-330 billion dollars every year. 



The evaluation is tailored to be client-specific, considering the unique characteristics and vulnerabilities of the grounds, buildings and staff. It includes detailed hardening recommendations with a focus on physical and technological measures to strengthen the client’s defenses. 



Crucial for teaching employees how to identify and respond to potential threats like unauthorized access, theft, or workplace violence. This training ensures that employees are well-prepared to maintain a safe and secure environment, protecting both personnel and valuable assets.



Implementing proactive measures and strategies to reduce the likelihood and impact of potential risks, whether they are related to cybersecurity, physical security, or other business vulnerabilities. By consistently identifying, assessing, and addressing these threats, organizations can enhance their resilience, protect their assets, and maintain business continuity.

Corporate Modules 


The training block incorporates historical data and facts on major workplace violence incidents to provide valuable insights and understanding of the cause and effects of violent incidents. 


The most proven and accepted holistic and fact-based strategy to identify, mitigate and manage threats, greatly reducing risks associated with workplace violence. 


By providing tools, strategies, and practical techniques, this training block empowers employees and leaders to remain calm, focused, and proactive in the face of emergencies, ultimately enhancing the safety and well-being of employees. 


This training underscores the significance of recognizing potential warning signs within the workforce and taking appropriate actions to mitigate risks and ensure a safe environment. 


Specifically tailored to on-site security and safety staff, who will likely be the first responders to any incident of workplace violence.


The trainers assist staff in developing comprehensive plans on how to effectively handle an active shooting incident by starting from their office chair. By working closely with each employee, Apex aims to understand the specific dynamics and challenges of their office environment, tailoring the training to their unique needs. 

*More modules available on request

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