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School Safety

Ensuring the safety and well-being of every student is our top priority. 

Protecting what matters most.

Apex Solutions Group recognizes the critical role teachers and administrators play during challenging incidents within schools. They are often the first responders, left to handle the situation alone until law enforcement arrives. That's why we empower these capable advocates by providing them with the knowledge and confidence to assess and respond effectively to threats. Our personalized classroom training sessions equip teachers with a deep understanding of the dynamics they may encounter during an active shooter situation, while administrators benefit from a comprehensive security evaluation that can be leveraged to advocate for school improvements using budgets, grants, and crowdfunding opportunities.

Our training program encompasses a range of modules tailored to engage teachers, administrators, parents, and students. We understand the importance of age-appropriate training, which is why we offer student training blocks specifically designed for different age groups. In addition to active shooter scenarios, our modules cover crucial topics such as crisis intervention team formation, collaboration with local emergency responders, triage, traumatic injury care, and more. We believe in the power of repetition, ensuring participants have ample opportunities to practice and reinforce their skills, enabling them to respond effectively when the need arises.


At Apex Solutions Group, we value long-term partnerships with schools, aiming to be a continuous resource for support. Beyond on-site training sessions, we establish lasting relationships, offering ongoing assistance and guidance whenever required. Our commitment to serving as a reliable and dedicated partner ensures that schools have the necessary support and expertise to enhance their safety and security measures. Trust Apex Solutions Group to empower your educational community and provide comprehensive support throughout your safety journey.


Apex solutions group recognizes violence in schools as a highly complicated threat that requires a multifaceted, on-going and evolving response plan. 

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Our expert security assessment team conducts thorough evaluations of your school campus to identify vulnerabilities, implement effective measures, and enhance the overall safety and security of students, staff, and visitors.



Through our on-site strategy, we collaborate closely with school administrators to customize plans that optimize safety protocols, emergency response procedures, and risk management strategies, ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for all.



Our personalized 1-on-1 training sessions provide individualized attention and guidance to staff on campus, empowering them to excel in all safety measures required for a defense scenario on school grounds.

Our method 


Apex Solutions Group delivers personalized 1-on-1 training to empower key individuals (Teachers, Administrators, Volunteers) during challenging situations. Our approach emphasizes impact and repetition through modules that reinforce core fundamentals and introduce new tools.


Enhance school security measures, including access control, door locks, ballistic glass, and security cameras, while balancing security and convenience. Our aim is to strengthen school infrastructure without compromising its welcoming environment.


Improve security procedures and practices by implementing clear policies and communication strategies for staff and students. Inform and educate local law enforcement about specific school procedures and physical security enhancements to optimize emergency response effectiveness.


Establish a comprehensive mechanism for reporting and responding to students in crisis, aiming to prevent violent escalations and provide timely intervention and support. Enhance existing systems or provide assistance in establishing effective channels to address student needs and mitigate potential risks.


Engage and train the entire community, including school staff, parents, students, law enforcement, and local programs. Our programs empower the community to recognize warning signs, ensuring effective communication and addressing individuals in crisis.

APEX Training Seminars

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the current "training" we have enough?

The general training, typically overseen by state organizations like the State Police or State Patrol, effectively disseminates standardized information to a large group of individuals; however, it lacks the capacity to address specific needs of individual schools or provide real-time support for teachers and administrators during and after training sessions. State organizations play a crucial role in establishing a baseline by offering guidance on basic school security measures and providing content on responding to adverse events such as school shootings, typically in the form of concise videos and reading materials. In Indiana alone, with over 1.1 million K-12 students and tens of thousands of teachers, the limited availability of state-provided training sessions, primarily offered during summer breaks, poses significant logistical challenges for police departments due to their broader mission scope.


If 10% of schools were to request quarterly or biannual in-person training, it would exceed the capacity of State Police/Patrol to fulfill such requests. The baseline is not enough to effectively prepare and empower the only adults capable of saving lives for the first several minutes of a school shooting - teachers and administrators.  The most effective way to ensure immediate recall of trained subjects is through recurring in-person training that is tailored to each school's emergency plan, alongside a dedicated partner like Apex. At Apex, we form partnerships with our clients, empowering their staff, students, parents, and community with comprehensive training and a reliable channel for addressing questions as they arise.

Can a different security firm help our school?

Many security and private investigations firms, often operated by retired/former federal agents or military service members, offer school security products or services as an additional revenue stream. However, their level of training and expertise may not match that of Apex Solutions Group. We are purpose-built to address school shootings, leveraging the specialized training and experience of our staff. Just as you would seek a specialist for a complicated bone fracture rather than a general practitioner, we provide specialized expertise in ensuring the safety and security of educational institutions. Trust Apex Solutions Group, your dedicated partner committed to creating a secure learning environment through proactive measures and tailored solutions.

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