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Our extensive background in numerous government agenices

Holding those responsible.

We provide a wide range of services customized to meet the unique requirements of each client, particularly focused on homes and families. With nearly two decades of experience in bypassing security measures and overcoming barriers, we possess the expertise to assist you in devising effective systems.

Our offerings encompass comprehensive security evaluations to guide you through simple and cost-effective methods for reinforcing the physical security of your home. We also specialize in the design and construction of safe rooms. Our clientele includes individuals with diverse needs, such as high-value kidnapping targets seeking extreme security measures, celebrities concerned about privacy, and ordinary families desiring a greater sense of safety and security within their homes.

Consequently, we provide a broad spectrum of services, ranging from the design and consultation of safety and security measures for both new and existing constructions to personalized in-home training. Our training covers areas such as threat mitigation, emergency medical response, and emergency evacuation procedures. No matter what your specific requirements may be, we have a solution tailored to you and your family's needs.


Serving as a reliable resource for clients seeking top-notch investigative solutions.

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Individuals in the public eye or holding significant positions understand the importance of a robust security team. Whether they are actors, business executives, or politicians, the presence of highly skilled and trained bodyguards can be the decisive factor between a day proceeding as usual or descending into catastrophe.



A complete security detail comprises a dedicated team of skilled professionals offering guard services and executive protection. These professionals can be enlisted for specific travel requirements or for continuous, 24/7 protection. A standard security detail usually comprises a minimum of ten specialists.

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We provide a range of services that include thorough security evaluations aimed at assisting you with straightforward and cost-effective approaches to bolster the physical security of your home. Additionally, we have expertise in the training your entire family on what to do in a worst case scenario event. 

Investigations Specialties 


Individuals and families who have accumulated wealth require protection, as they can become targets of undesirable individuals and groups. It is essential to ensure their safety and security in order to mitigate potential risks and threats.


The individuals in question often attract the attention of paparazzi and fervent fans, making it crucial for them to have private security. By having dedicated security personnel, they can safely attend events, go shopping, dine out, travel, and engage in various activities while maintaining their privacy and personal safety.


The safety of business professionals in executive positions often necessitates the implementation of executive protection services. Due to their prominence and influence, these professionals often become targets of unscrupulous individuals and groups. Implementing executive protection measures is crucial to safeguard their well-being and mitigate potential risks.


Local politicians and community leaders are not exempt from facing potential threats from others. Engaging the services of a security guard or detail can help deter security risks and provide you with peace of mind.


In certain circumstances, you might find yourself thrust into the spotlight of media and news coverage, which can be overwhelming to handle. For instance, winning the lottery can attract unwanted attention and disrupt your peace. In such high-profile situations, hiring a private security guard can help restore your peace of mind and provide the necessary protection and privacy you require.


Parents with busy work schedules or frequent travel find it challenging to ensure the safe transportation of their children to and from school. Moreover, they may not feel comfortable with their children being home alone without adequate protection.

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